Environment and Conservation


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Mine Land Program, reclamation projects, project finance for - SB 187
Mine Land Program, technical correction for - SB 187: SCS
ATV Usage Taskforce, establishment of - HJR 14
Barren River Lake, urge Corps of Engineers to increase depth of - HCR 139
Billboard vegetation control permits, allow local governments to veto - SB 155: HFA (3),(6)
allow vegetation control on state rights-of-way near - SB 155: HCS
establish vegetation control permit - SB 155
Coyote depredation, Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, evaluation of - SR 170
Deer hunting season, increase by two weeks - HR 150
Delinquent solid waste fees and taxes, collection of - HB 240: HFA (1)
mitigation and response plan, Advisory Council, requirement for - SJR 109: SCS
Mitigation and Response Plan, create - SJR 109
Emergency Action Plans for impoundments, promulgate administrative regulations for - HJR 130
E-scrap Task Force, establishment of - HCR 131
Floyds Fork Water Resources Council, establishment of - HB 435
Hazardous substances, pollutants, contaminates, and release, define - SB 82
energy facilities, other useful products, deletion from definition of - SB 196: HFA (1)
energy facilities, permitting for - SB 196
Kentucky Recreational Trails Authority, illegal ATV usage, directing study of - HJR 14: HCS
KRS 224A.011 add, change, and delete definitions for - HB 442
Methamphetamine property registry, creation and operation of - HB 470
property, program for cleanup - HB 94: HFA (1)
property, program for cleanup of - HB 94; HB 94: HCS
Ohio River issues, create task force on - HR 215
Oil and gas leases, contracts and agreements, default royalty provisions for - HB 543
Projects, Kentucky Infrastructure Authority, financing authority for - HB 442: HCS
Recreational land use agreement, provisions for - HB 216: SFA (1)
Recycling, plastic containers, labeling of - HB 333
Reduce advertising device viewing zone - SB 155: HFA (1),(2)
Save Our Streams Task Force, creation of - HCR 160
Soil and Water Conservation districts, infrastructure, loans and grants for - SB 92; HB 136
Solid waste collection liens, local governments, authorization for - HB 240
Special districts, raise audit maximum - HB 448
Surface mines, original contour restoration and overburden disposal requirements, make changes to - HB 385
Telecheck deer harvest check-in system and deer harvest, make report on - HR 73
Tire-derived fuel, recovered material, definition of and requirements for - SB 125: SFA (1)
Tree and shrub planting program, establish on highway rights-of-way - SB 155: HFA (4)
U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR Plant Award, honor Toyota Motor Manufacturing for - SR 63
petroleum storage tank deadlines, extended - HB 137: HFA (1)
petroleum storage tank program, administration of - HB 521
petroleum storage tank program, registration of tanks for - HB 137: HCS
petroleum storage tank registration and application deadlines, extended - HB 137
districts, extension and formation of - SB 96
districts, powers of and requirements for - SB 96: SCS
Alliance Task Force, establishment and membership of - HCR 160: HCS
Alliance Task Force, membership of - HCR 160: HFA (1)
White City Wildlife Management Area, renaming of - HJR 23
Wild rivers, construction of I-66 bridges - HB 284: SCS
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