Health and Medical Services

9/11 First Responders Day

Abortion, constitutional amendment to prohibit laws requiring person or organization to provide

Abortion, informed consent and ultrasound requirements

Abortion, informed consent and ultrasound requirements for

Abortion performed upon a minor, court authorization for

Abortion, prohibition at 20 weeks of fetal development

Abortions, prohibitions relating to

Acute-care hospital, notice requirement for termination or non-renewal, reduce

Acute-care hospital, term length of contract with managed care plan, delete

ADHD medication, school employee recommendation to parent, prohibition of

Administrators, nursing homes, gender neutrality

Adult abuse registry, establish

Adult abuse registry, establishment

Adult abuse registry, establishment of

Adult abuse registry, prepare to establish

Adult victimization, prohibitions on perpetrators of

Affordable Care Act, exclusion of abortion coverage for state insurance exchanges

Affordable Care Act, urge Congress to repeal

Alcohol and substance abuse treatment for pregnant and post-partum women

Allergy, sinus, and cold management facilities, licensure requirements

American Diabetes Association Alert Day, recognizing

Assault in the third degree, medical personnel in hospital emergency room, addition of

Autism Spectrum Disorder Council, State Interagency, creation of

Autism Spectrum Disorders, Office of, creation of

Birthing centers; encourage pediatric abusive head trauma program for

Body mass index, preventative healthcare examination forms

Body mass index, school physical examination forms

Bracco, Dr. Howard F., honor on retirement

Brain injury, services for individuals, provide for

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, appointment of secretary

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, secretary, election of

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, tattoo facilities, notice requirement

Certificate of need, ophthalmic laser surgery, requirement for

Charitable healthcare, liability relating to

Charitable providers, grants for

Chiropractic treatment, procedures and reimbursements, provisions regulating

Chiropractors, copayments and coinsurance, limit

Chiropractors, copayments and coinsurance, requirements

Chronic health conditions, school health services for

Civil Monetary Penalty Fund Advisory Committee, establishment of

Cold and allergy clinics, licensure of

Collaborative agreement, prescribing, nonscheduled legend drugs, delete requirement for

Complex regional pain syndrome, continuing competency requirements for nurses

Compulsive gamblers awareness and treatment fund, creation of

Controlled substance, pseudoephedrine, exempt liquid, liquid capsule, and gel capsule form

Controlled substances, counting of and prescriptions relating to

Controlled substances, electronic data system, registration for

Controlled substances, prescription for and dispensing of

Controlled substances, Schedule III, IV, and V permit facsimile prescription of

Deaths in nursing homes, notification of coroners, investigation following certain

Dental plan, establishment of fees for noncovered services, prohibition of

Diabetes control and prevention, report on

Diabetes educators, licensing of

Diabetic shoes and inserts, fitting and management by a qualified pharmacist or pharmacy employee

Direct Support Professionals Recognition Month, declaration of

Dr. Howard F. Bracco, honor on retirement

Durable medical equipment providers, in-state office requirement, parity with other states

Echocardiogram, require for newborn infants

Emergency care, limitation of liability for

Emergency medical services, omnibus chapter revisions

Emergency medical technicians, certification of military personnel, make requirement for

False claims act, construction of

False claims act, creation of

False Claims Act, creation of

False Claims Act, establishment of

False claims, civil recovery for Medicaid Fraud

Felony offenders, prohibition of employment of

Health care providers, procedures and reimbursements, provisions regulating

Health care system, constitutional amendment to prohibit laws requiring participation in

Health insurance, income tax exclusion for

Health insurance mandate, prohibit requirement

Health-facility-acquired infections, rate reporting and infection procedures for, requirement

Hospital provider contracts with insurer, include specified requirements

ICF/MR facilities, conditions for, contracts with

Immunization registry, establishment of

Individual options for services, not to be prohibited by law

Influenza vaccine, permit administration to children by pharmacists

Jail health care, provisions relating to

Kentucky Cancer Survivors and Friends Caucus, creation of

Kentucky Health Information Technology and Meaningful Use Awareness Day, designation of

Kentucky Physicians Care Program, prescription assistance

Kentucky Radon Program Advisory Committee, clarification, duties of

Kentucky Radon Program Advisory Committee, composition of

Legislative Task Force on Childhood Obesity, establishment

Licensed health care practice, prohibit optometry statutes from interfering with

Long term care facilities, nurse staffing requirements, establishment of

Long-term care administrators, license for

Long-term care facilities, nurse staffing requirements, establishment of

Long-term care facility, counseling, unborn child

Managed care, Medicaid, escrow funds, urge establishment of

Medicaid, contracts, oversight of

Medicaid rate for jail health care, use of

Medicaid waiver enrollees, medical supplies, permit direct purchase of

Medical alert bands, blood thinners, awareness of need for

Medical imaging technologists and radiation therapists, licensing and regulation of

Mental health evaluation, use of telehealth for

Methamphetamine offense, conviction, pseudoephedrine prescription required

Methamphetamine violations, precursor drugs, prohibition of purchase

Motor vehicle reparation benefits, direction of payments for medical expenses

National Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Week, recognition of

Non-controlled substances, permit facsimile prescription of

Nurses, jurisprudence examination, require

Occupational and physical therapy, copayment and coinsurance, restrict

Occupational therapists and physical therapists, reimbursement amounts

Optometrists, definition and practice restrictions of

Optometry board membership, expansion of

Oral health screenings, public health programs for

Pain management facilities, licensure requirements

Patient records, disclosure of

Patient visitation rights

Perinatal care, direct change in the State Health Plan for

Personal care services, background checks for

Physical and occupational therapy, copayment and coinsurance for

Physician assistants, controlled substances, prescriptive authority for

Practice of optometry, modifications to definition of

Pregnancy resource centers, encourage financial assistance to

Prescribers of schedule II and II controlled substances, search and report required

Prisoners, medical treatment of

Pseudoephedrine and related drugs, sale and dispensing of

Pseudoephedrine purchase quantity, reduction to 7.5 grams

Pseudoephedrine, Schedule IV controlled substance

Public protection and informed consent in individual private settings

Qualifications to perform optometric surgery, joint establishment by optometry and medical boards

Radon mitigation contractors, measurement contractors, laboratories, certification requirements for

Schedule II controlled substances and methamphetamine, electronic prescriptions for

Shootings in Tucson, Arizona, commendation of medical personnel

Special needs trusts, assistance relating to

State employee pilot wellness program, implementation of

State employees, wellness activities, coverage for

State payments of county jail medical expenses

Tanning devices, use by children under the age of 14, prohibition of

Technical advisory committee, behavioral health, establishment of

Technical advisory committee, children's health, establishment of

Technical advisory committee, intellectual and developmental disabilities, establishment of

Technical advisory committee, intellectual and developmental disorders, establish membership of

Technical advisory committee, therapy services, establishment of

Telehealth, mental health evaluation, permit use of

Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976, recommended amendments, resolution for

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