Local Mandate

Abortion, performance of in relation to fetal heartbeat detection

Abortion, ultrasound requirements

Adult abuse registry

Age requirement for mayors

Amendment to Section 100 of Constitution, propose, requirement, county surveyors

Antismoking ordinances

Arrest for misdemeanor assault in hospital emergency room permitted

Ballot positions, certifications and other election deadlines, to determine when held

Bills, threshold amount for preparation of

Blue Alert System, emergency alert system, requirement of federal government authorization for use

Board of Nursing, APRN prescribing practices, regulation of

Boards of zoning adjustment, creation when in county containing consolidated local government

Boating safety, electric shock drowning prevention, marina requirements for

Boating while intoxicated, prohibition of

Bringing a prisoner or patient from another state for treatment in Kentucky, requirements

Business permit, license, or credential, employment of unauthorized aliens, grounds for nonissuance

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, adult abuse registry

Casino gambling at no more than seven locations, constitutional amendment

Casino gaming at horse racing tracks, two other locations, constitutional amendment

Casinos and gaming at horse racing tracks, constitutional amendment to let county voters decide

Cellular antenna towers, reporting on-site backup power capability

Certificates of delinquency, allow payment plans

Certificates of delinquency, amend sale notice provisions

Charter county government, clarify provisions for petition, commission and elections

Child pornography, viewing of

Child-care home, evacuation plan provided to local emergency

Class D felony record, expungement of, procedure, exceptions

Clear and convincing proof, utilization of as evidentiary standard

Collective bargaining for firefighters and police officers, permit in second class cities

Commercial buildings, permit application process, requirements for

Committee on Legislative Redistricting, establishment of

Complaints against police officers

Complex regional pain syndrome, training requirement

Concealed deadly weapon on own real property without license, carrying permitted

Concealed deadly weapon, who may carry

Concealed weapon, carrying on business premises, delete provision for employees

Congressional districts, redistricting, statewide plan

Congressional districts, statewide plan

Constitutional amendment, abolish office of Constable

Constitutional amendment, abolition of office of constable

Constitutional amendment, General Assembly, compensation suspended

Controlled substances diversion, monitoring, prescribing, and dispensing

Controlled substances legislation, committee substitute changes

Copper or copper alloy purchase, mandatory report to law enforcement

Council and mayoral positions, minimum age requirement, lower

Counties, voluntary unification

County clerks, notice of methamphetamine contamination or decontamination

County consolidation, process for

County jails, unclaimed inmate and canteen accounts, disposition of

County occupational tax offset, establish population determination date

County surveyors, Section 100 of Constitution, proposed amendment

Craft distilleries, licensing of and business permitted

Cremation or burial, legal residence responsibility for

Criminal mischief, property covered by offense of

Criminal records expungement, exclusion from public record

Death penalty, severely mentally ill defendant, preclusion of use for

Deeds in lieu of foreclosure, filing requirements

Defrauding secured creditor, damage to collateral

Department of Education, personnel evaluation system, creation of

Deputy jailer, employment of for county without jail

Disruption of religious service, penalty for

DNA, requirement of sample collection at arraignment

Domestic violence, coverage of dating couples

Domestic violence proceedings, extend to dating couples age 18 or over

DUI, ignition interlock device, utilization of

DUI, penalties imposed

DUI, refusal to sign waiver as refusal to consent to test

Electric personal assistive mobility devices, reduce speed limit of roads where allowed

Electrical inspecting and permitting, installation and surety bond requirements for

Electrical safety requirements for boat docks and marinas, violations of penalties for

Electricians and electrical inspectors, installation and surety bond requirements for

Eminent domain, valuation of contiguous parcels

Exonerated felon may bring civil action against state for wrongful incarceration

Expedited foreclosure sale, procedure for

Failure to report missing child

Federal "Secure Communities" program, required use of

Felons' voting rights, constitutional amendment to provide

Felony offenders, prohibition of employment of

Filing deadlines and primary, change date of

Fire departments, sheriff's retention of percentage of fees

Fire districts, ceding territory to cities with regular fire departments

Fire districts in counties containing consolidated local governments, alternative tax structure

Firefighter, occupational disease, cancer

Firefighters and EMS personnel, calculation of wages, scheduled overtime, inclusion of

Fraudulent firearm transaction

Fraudulent firearm transaction, remove peace officer exemption

Gaming tax, establishment of

Geologist board, powers and duties of

Gold Star Sibling special license plate, establishment

Good Samaritan law protection, extend to all persons

Goods held for sale, local tax exemption

Governmental nonprofit self-insured groups, insurance premium taxes and fees, exemption

Gross revenues and excise tax fund, hold harmless amount, increase

Harassing communications, expansion of crime, and means of communication

Home improvement contract, standards, procedures, remedies

Home medical equipment and services definition and fees, change in

Home medical equipment and services, medical order of, requirement for

Human trafficking

Human trafficking victims, cause of action and damages for unpaid

Impaired persons, proper care of, search and rescue training requirement

Importation, possession, or transportation of wild or feral pigs, prohibition on, penalties

Industrial hemp, licensing and growing of

Insurance, procurement of, requirements for

Intellectual disability, use of term to replace mental retardation in all statutes

Junkyards, prohibition on purchasing copper, exemptions

Juvenile, age of criminal responsibility

Juvenile status offense actions, requirements for

Kentucky Blue Alert Network, creation of

Kentucky Commission on Public Health, creation of the

Kentucky Computer Decency Act, prohibition on anonymous postings

Kentucky Public Transportation Infrastructure Authority, require underwriters and bond counsels

Kentucky Retirement Systems, disability applicants

Landowner recreational use incentive programs, authorize

Legislators' Retirement Plan, restriction of accounts

Local, amend application of HB 44 provisions

Local corrections assistance fund, distribution to the counties

Local firearms ordinances and restrictions, limits on

Local government programs, amend distribution formula

Local governments, procurement options

Local option election for casino gaming

Local option elections, day of election, primary or regular election

Local option elections, petition requirements, day of election, primary or regular election

Local taxation of business, require a standard return form for all jurisdictions

Local taxation of business, standardized tax return forms

Loss of consciousness, include within definition of "physical injury"

Mandatory reentry supervision requirements and procedures, modification of

Manufactured homes, security interest, perfection of

Medical marijuana, authorization of

Medical parole, prisoners with substantial or chronic conditions, provision for

Meeting minutes, draft copy to be available

Merged governments, clarify non-member city and citizens rights

Merged governments, plan to include provisions for dissolution and exemptions for certain cities

Merger of governments, additional procedures for

Metal sales ban, person convicted of named theft offenses

Military spouses, "quit to follow" disqualification, deletion

Mini-trucks, use on roadways with a posted speed limit of 45 mph or less

Minor, death of, when autopsy required

Minor, image of, protection for minor sending or possessing

Mint Police, U.S., state jurisdiction for

Missing child, failure to report, Caylee's Law

Missing minor 12 or under, duty to report

Motorless vehicles, alternate lighting and marking requirements

Motorless vehicles, alternate reflective marking requirements

Motorless vehicles, alternative lighting and marking requirements

Municipal solid waste departments, exclusion from definition of secondary metals recycler

Municipally owned electric generating facilities, renewable energy, use required

National and State Background Check Program

Natural resources severance tax

Nutrition, implement program for improvement in needy areas

Occupational license fees, limit to percentage basis

Open courts project

Ordinances or regulations on body piercing and tattooing, narrowing scope of

Pain clinics and controlled substances, prescribing, dispensing, and monitoring of

Pain management facilities, regulation of, establish

Pain management facilities, regulation of, establishment

Pardon Board, creation of

Pawnbrokers, precious metals and gemstones, receipt and disposal

Peace officer, retired, carrying concealed weapon, LEOSA update

Pedestrian, inclusion of electric personal assistive mobility device users in definition of

Petitions for local referendum, requirements for

Pilot project to open courts for abuse, dependency, neglect and termination of parental rights cases

Policemen and firefighters' retirement fund, require full payment of health premium for retiree

Precinct boundaries, required changes to, state legislative districts, statewide plan

Precinct election officers, absentee voting

Prepaid wireless service charge, collection and remittance of to CMRS fund

Prescription drug drop off program, water pollution prevention, cabinet program for

Prescription drugs and medicines, recycling grant funds, deletion of

Pretrial home incarceration, sentencing credit for

Prisoner of War and Missing in Action flag, definition of

Private entities, drug collection programs, no requirement for

Probate fees,estates of those killed in line of duty, exemption for

Probation for public employee or officer convicted of corruption, prohibition of

Profits of crime, seizure, payable to Crime Victims Compensation Board

Property tax, certificates of delinquency for

Property valuation, reassessment after catastrophic event

Pseudoephedrine sales, prohibitions for certain drug offenders

Pseudoephedrine-based drugs, provisions relating to

Public property, naming in honor of

Public transportation, offenses against user or operator of

Publicly owned vehicles, mandatory inspections of

Refund of filing fee, requirement of

Registered mail, definition of

Report of dead child, increased penalty, report of missing child, creation of offense

Reporting of death, add State Police, increase penalty to felony

Representative, Senatorial, and Judicial districts, statewide plan

Residential care facilities, duties placed on Cabinet for Health and Human Services

Restaurant tax, eligible local governments

Retirement, application of previous retiree health benefits to members participating before 1/1/04

Retirement, restriction of account consolidation with other state systems

Robbery in the second degree, inclusion in violent offender statute

RV park permit requirements, limited exemptions

Search for lost person with a disability, procedures

Search for lost person with developmental disability, requirements for training

Search for missing minor, reporting requirement

Seat belt requirements, apply to 15-passenger vans

Secondary metals recyclers, registration of

Severance tax, transfer of funds to Worker's Compensation Fund, deletion of requirement for

Sexual offense defendant, when HIV testing required

Sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination, prohibition of

Sexual orientation and gender identity, prohibition of discrimination

Shock probation, prohibit, DUI death

Slow-moving vehicles, alternative markings for

Special elections, notice given 28 days before election

Speed bumps, local government requirements for

Standards for, proposed constitutional amendment

State Board of Elections, candidate filings, verification of addresses

State Board of Elections, omnibus voter identification bill

State Board of Elections, precinct boundaries, required changes to, legislative district plan

State-administered retirement systems, state auditor to perform audit every 5 years, requirement

Synthetic cannabinoids or piperazines, synthetic cathinones, expand definition of

Synthetic cannabinoids or piperazines, synthetic cathinones, expand definition of BR 298

Synthetic drugs, expanded definition of, new offenses, revised

Synthetic drugs, offenses relating to

Tamper resistant opioid analgesic drugs, require list and prohibit substitution

Tax credits and incentives, denial of

Teachers, hiring of, preference given to regular certification

Telecommunications, certain requirements for the CMRS fee 911 for prepaid cell services, removal of

Torture of an animal, crime of

Tract development assessment, minimum standards for

Transportation Cabinet, payment of licensing fees to NASCAR for NASCAR license plates

Transportation Cabinet, procedures for vehicle plate to customer system, effective January 1, 2014

Trespass, simplified remedy for elderly and vulnerable

Unsolicited advertising, littering on private property, penalty for

Valuation, declare valid assessment methods

Vehicle title and registration applications, legal presence requirement

Verification of immigration status, public contracts and public agencies

Veterans' organization, property tax, sales tax, exempt

Voter registration forms, information to include

Wage discrimination, prohibited on basis of sex, race, or national origin

Watercraft taxation, allow for alternative apportionment

Wild hog, release of prohibited, penalty

Wine bars, licensing of

Workers' compensation, various amendments of KRS Chapter 342

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