Children and Minors

4-H Capitol Experience, honor youth, adult participants

4-H Capitol Experience, recognize participation in

Abortion, requirements and prohibitions relating to

Abuse and neglect reporting , penalties

Adoption assistance, conform to federal law for

Adoption, international, attorney fees

Adoption tax credit

Alcoholic beverages, minimum purchase age, exception for persons in military

Asthma inclusion in chronic disease initiatives

Asthma, inclusion in chronic disease initiatives

Attorneys, access to records

Autism Scholarship Program

Autism Spectrum Disorders, creation of, office for

Autism spectrum disorders, screening for

Automated external defibrillator, require at school and athletic events

Blood donation, age 16 years, parental consent for

Blood donations, age 16 years, parental consent for

Booster seats, direct fines to veterans' trust fund

Cabinet for Health & Family Services, Protection and Permanency employee training requirements

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, employee training

Caffeine-stoked energy drinks, in schools, prohibition

Child booster seats, requirement

Child booster seats, requirement of

Child care provider, tuberculosis risk assessment requirements for

Child sexual assault or abuse, civil statute of limitations for

Child support, collection of unpaid amounts

Child support, continue through high school, regardless of child's age

Child testimony, when court testimony not required

Child-care subsidy, eligibility for

Child-caring facilities, accreditation and certification

Citizen Foster Care Review Board Program, notification to

Commitment due to mental disability or illness, extension of age

Community Based Services, racial disportionality, address

Compulsory school age, change to

Compulsory school age, increase in

Compulsory school age, raise from 16 to 17

Compulsory school attendance, age 18

Compulsory school attendance, age eighteen

Consumer product safety, provide information on

Courses of study, academic track and career and technical track

Court costs, increase for supervised child visitation

Custody, visitation, relocation of principal residence of child

Cyberbullying, include in definition of student bullying

Dental screening or examination, requirement for

Dental screening, school requirement for

Department for Community Based Services, racial disportionality, address

Dependency court, appointment and payment of counsel

Dependency court, appointment of counsel

Dependency, neglect, and abuse of, increase penalties for failing to report

Dependent children, twenty-six years of age or younger, health insurance for

DNA, sample collection, mandatory

DNA sample collection, mandatory

DNA sample collection, requirements

DNA sample collection, requirements and procedures

Dyslexia, testing and programs for children with

Educational opportunities for military children, compact for

Electronic communication, include as method of bullying

Energy drinks, prohibit sale to children under 18 years of age

Family resource youth services centers, specify requirements for

Fatherhood Information System of Kentucky, creation of

Foster children, court records, electronic copies permitted

Funeral expenses of child, require child support obligor to pay proportion of

Guardians ad litem, mandatory training

Health insurance, terminating age under

Homelessness, prevention, continue pilot project for

Human papillomavirus, require school districts to provide information to parents regarding

Human sexuality education, content standards

Immunization certificate for hepatitis B, require on school file

Immunization certificate hepatitis B, require current

Immunization, human papillomavirus, delete requirement

Immunization, human papillomavirus, delete requirement, require pregnancy test prior to

Immunization, human papillomavirus, require pregnancy test prior to

Immunization, meningococcal meningitis disease, middle school children

Immunization, pneumococcal disease, elementary school children

Immunizations, human papillomavirus, permit by parent

Immunizations, human papillomavirus, required

Influenza vaccination recommendation, commend for

Interstate compact for the placement of children, replacement of

Interview with child by authorities, recording of, uses

Juvenile, records access

KCHIP, continuous enrollment and online applications for

KCHIP, presumptive eligibility period, continuous enrollment and online applications for

Kentucky Youth Development Center, creation of

Lead-bearing substances, prohibition of

Legally adopted children, survivor benefits for

Metabolic conditions, special foods, insurance coverage

Minors, sale of alcohol to

Moment of silence or reflection in schools, requirement for

Motor vehicles, child booster seats, requirement for

Office of the Ombudsman, direct the Cabinet for Health and Family services to support

Parent education program, development and implementation of

Paternity, determination, evidence, and venue, clarification and updating of

Paternity, determination of

Permit and intermediate license holders, prohibit wireless device use while driving

Physical activity for students, requirement of

Physical activity, requirement for

Physical activity, requirement of

Pilot project, opening of court proceedings, dependency and parental rights

Preschool education, community-based, collaborative models

Preschool education, expand program

Preschool, study quality factors

Primary program, minimum age for beginning

Primary program, minimum school age for entry into

Public playgrounds that are leased, sex offender residence restriction

Scholarship program, children with special needs

School buses and school bus stops with children, prohibitions for sex offenders, penalty

School calendar, input from stakeholders prior to approval of

School dental screening or examination, requirement for

Sensory Processing Disorders, study of Kentucky's response to the needs of children with

Sex offender, residence restriction, youth organization

Sex offenders, prohibit physical presence in certain areas

Sex offenders, residency restriction

Sex offense with minor, electronic communication

Sex offenses against, increase misdemeanor statute of limitations for

Sex offenses, crimes relating to

Sexual abuse of, modifications to age ranges and prohibitions against

Sexual abuse of, modifications to prohibitions against

Sexual abuse, privileged communications

Sexual abuse victims, action for damages, extend statute of limitations

Sexual exploitation of minors, forfeiture of property

Sexual offense, solicitation of minor

Sexual offenses against minors, prohibited conduct

Sexual offenses against minors, require asset forfeiture

Sexual offenses, persons of special trust, position of authority, age change

Social service complaints, Office of the Ombudsman, CHFS, direct tracking and investigation of

Social workers, Department for Community Based Services, training requirements

Soliciting contributions on highways by minors, require adult supervision of

Sport hunting and sport trapping license, persons under 12, not required to have

State education testing window designated

State education testing window, designation to begin

Status offender, conduct prohibited

Status offenders, requirements for detention

Statute of limitations, civil action for childhood sexual assault or abuse

Student attitude and conduct, identify Golden Rule as model for

Student dental health certificates, requirement for

Student dental screening, requirement for

Student harassment, intimidation, or bullying, definition of

Student harassment, intimidation, or bullying, protection from

Student protection, crimes, policies, and procedures relating to

Students subjected to bullying, provide information to

Study of the Holocaust, curriculum guide for

Study of the Holocaust, include in public school curriculum

Supports for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders Program, creation of

Tobacco and alcohol sales, allow scan of operator's license or personal ID to verify age

Toys and children's products, safety

Toys, prohibit sale of recalled

Tracking devices, implantation in humans

Transportation, reporting nonpublic school pupils and funds

Victims of bullying, local school districts to provide training to

VIPS Day in Kentucky, recognized

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