Local Mandate

Advertising for legal services, regulating

Alcohol licensee minimum server age requirement, requirement for supervision

Alcoholic beverages, servers minimum age requirement, requirement for supervision

Alcoholic beverages, three tier system, excise and wholesale taxes

Animal control, county clerks, humane societies

Animal cruelty, penalties, enhancement

Annual audits, county and county official audits, performance

Auto recyclers, local government ordinances and regulations, compliance requirement

Bail, hearing, proposed constitutional amendment

Bail, out-of-county warrants, incarceration costs, transport

Ballot access, proposed constitutional amendment, gaming

Ballots, straight ticket voting option, removal

Board of elections, county clerks, election officials

Board of elections, requirements prescribed

Buses, risk reduction program, implementation

Candidate and committee flings with the registry, State Board of Elections changes

Candidates for office, filing date extension

Candidates for office, partisan requirement for office sought

Cannabis, constitutional amendment, guarantee of rights

Cannabis legalization, omnibus bill

Certificates of delinquency, mass foreclosure process, counties

Certificates of delinquency, taxpayer notification requirements

Charitable bail organizations, prohibition

Charitable bail organizations, prohibition, exceptions

Charitable bail organizations, restrictions

Child abuse, mandatory reporting

Child fatalities and near fatalities, drug test, requirement

Child fatalities and near fatalities, drug tests, requirement

Citizen oversight and investigation, consolidated local government, police review

Civil action, prevention of damage by an assemblage of people

Closed meetings, award of state and local contracts, open meetings, video

Concealed deadly weapon, authorization to carry without a license, recision

Congressional districts, statewide plan, precinct boundaries

Consolidated local government, new cities, creation process

Consolidated local governments, petitions, duties

Consolidation of precincts. voting

Constables and deputy constables, certification and number

Constables, training fees

Constitution of Kentucky, proposed amendment, judicial review

Constitutional amendment, ballot initiatives, establishment of right of the people to propose

Constitutional amendment, felon restoration of voting rights, ballot access

Constitutional amendment, felon restoration of voting rights, inclusion ballot

Constitutional amendment, local taxes, submit to voters

Constitutional amendment, medical rights, ballot language

Constitutional amendment, voting rights for felons, ballot language

Contracts, Kentucky Buy American Act, compliance

County clerk, fee increase, grants

County clerk modernization, grants to aid implementation

County clerks, administrative dissolution, new procedures

County clerks, liability for repayment of funds

County clerks, recorded instruments, redaction of personal information

County jails, deputy jailer training

County jails, inmate fees and accounts

County tax information, confidentiality requirements, taxing jurisdiction audits, exemption

Criminal Justice Training, Department of, training provided to coroners and deputy coroners

Criminal offense, unauthorized practice of law, penalty enhancement

Criminal procedure, civil actions, specified criminal proceedings, remote or virtual appearance

Criminal statute change, rape, sodomy

Crisis aversion and rights retention order, hearing, indigent persons

Death benefits for first responders, police officers, and emergency medical services personnel

Department for Libraries and Archives, local records grant program, grants to county clerks

Department of Criminal Justice Training, virtual training of peace officers, requirement

Department of Local Government, county attorneys, forms, requirement

Department of Revenue, motor vehicle property tax, Web site posting requirement

Driving under the influence, blood test refusal, criminal penalty enhancement

Driving under the influence, license plates, surrender, search warrant

Driving under the influence, penalty enhancement

Earned paid sick leave provided by employers, requirement

Economic development and road funds, public meetings, small city audits

Election audits, requirements

Electrical contractors, electrical inspections

Electrical inspections, options

Electronic titling and registration system, filing procedures

Emergencies, religious organizations, discrimination prohibited

Employee benefits, short-time compensation program

Employee benefits, unpaid family care leave

Employees of, prohibited acts relating to election administration, penalties prescribed

Employer vaccine policy, employee cause of action, waive sovereign immunity

Energy and Enviroment Cabinet, merchant electric generating facilities, enforcement

Enhanced sentence, increase, carfentanil and fentanyl

Essential employees, minimum wage

EV Vehicle Road Usage Tax Act

Expungement, enhanceable misdemeanors, time period

Expungement, waiting period, reduction of fees

Facial recognition technology, policies, requirement

Fantasy contests, sports wagering, online poker

Federal firearm ban, state and local government, enforcement prohibition

Federal laws, enforcement prohibition, state and local government

Fees for lodging state prisoners

First responders, critical incident, 48 hours leave

Franklin County Courthouse, renaming

Fraudulent assisted reproduction, civil action

Fraudulent assisted reproduction, Class D felony

Free or reduced water rates, food production

Gaming and wagering, omnibus bill

General Assembly, terms of members, limit

Geographic information

Government contracts, anti-firearm discrimination, prohibition

Harm reduction centers, establishment of pilot program

Harm reduction centers, establishment of program

Hate crime, enhanced term of imprisionment, local jailers

Hate crime, enhanced term of imprisonment

Healthcare charges, itemized statement, requirements

Historical overlay districts, ordinance requirements

Immigration laws, enforcement of, requiring

Incest, penalty enhancement

Incest, penalty enhancement, familial relationship, addition

Indoor smoking prohibitions

Industrial hemp products, drug-free workplace, appeals process

Insurance premium taxes, Kentucky Business Investment Program

Insurance, revocations, violation threshold for no insurance

Interlocal agreements, filing requirements

Kentucky Child Mental Health Services Access Program, establishment

Kentucky Emergency Operations plan, Plan coordination

Kentucky Law Enforcement Council, Bowling Green Police Department, addition

Kentucky Law Enforcement Council, model facial recognition technology policy

Kentucky Public Pensions Authority, exempt overtime worked during locally declared emergencies

Kentucky Public Pensions Authority, recontribution of refund to determine participation date

Kentucky vehicle registration database, communication disorder designation, notice requirement

Kentucky Voluntary Do Not Sell Firearms List, prohibition of firearms sales or transfers

KentuckyWired contracts, paid prioritization, prohibition

KERS, CERS, and SPRS, increase in hazardous duty retiree health subsidy for certain members

KLEPF supplement for certain employees

Law enforcement, update mamuals, basic training update

Leave from employment for court appearances, requirements for the employer and employee

License and occupation tax increment financing, city or county

License plates, personalized, recreational vehicles

Local development area, tax credit

Local government, redistricting, county reappointment

Local health departments, drug test sample collection, requirement

Local option precincts, alcoholic beverage licensing

Local road funds, public meetings

Mandatory training subjects, animal abuse and offenses against people

Marijuana convictions, expungement

Medical licensure, establishes penalty, enforcement

Medicinal cannabis program, establishment

Mental inquest warrants, transportation, authorization

Merchant electric generating facilities, public meetings, counties of proposed projects

Military members stationed in Kentucky, motor vehicle usage tax, exemption

Minimum wage, authority to establish

Motor vehicle registration, reinstatement fee

Motor vehicle state property tax, county clerk commission, elimination, January 1, 2022

Motor vehicle tax rate, reduction, county clerk commission, increase

Motor vehicle valuation, property tax exemption, refunds

Natural gas transmission pipelines, planning and zoning, notification, developer and operator

Natural resources severance tax, processing of limestone, loading or unloading

New cities, prohibition on tax credits without agreement

No automobile insurance, county clerks, motor vehicles fees

No insurance, affidavits, county clerk

Notification by a public officer, requiremetns for protection of personally identifiable information

Occupational license fee, population limit, rate limit, mandatory crediting provisions, removal

Off-highway vehicles, registration

Order for reimbursement of jail fees, sentencing court, conviction requirement

Orders of protection, second or subsequent violation, Class D felony

Paid parental leave for employees, employers with 50 or more employees

Peace officer certification, prohibition, sexual offenses

Peace officer certification, training for mental illnesses and disorders

Peer-to-peer car sharing, regulation

Persistent felony offender, jury discretion for enhanced penalty

Persistent felony offender, requirements

Personally identifiable information, vehicle identification numbers

PFAS chemicals, drinking water and discharge limits, establishment

Pilot program, behovioral health conditional dismissal program, establishment

Pilot program, criminal offense, treatment alternative to prosecution

Planned communities, rights and responsibilities

Planning and zoning, drug care facilities and criminal halfway houses in residential areas

Police and fire retirement fund of urban-county governments, housekeeping measure

Police officer work hours

Pornography, removal of education justification for exemption

Pregnant women inmates, requirements

Pretrial release; conditions

Pretrial release, conditions, delays, forensic testing

Pretrial release, prohibition of money bail

Prevailing wage, public works, creating

Probation, revocation, graduated sanctions, consideration requirement

Producers and retailers, packaging wastes, extended producer responsibility program

Prohibition of discrimination, Kentucky Competes Act

Property, state and local ad valorem, personal aircraft, exemption

Property tax exemption, prefabricated home inventory

Property tax, fire district's emergency ambulance service, property owners, taxation option

Property tax, homestead exemption, owners who are 65 or older, proposed constitutional amendment

Property tax, motor vehicle, exemption

Property tax, motor vehicle valuation requirements, five percent limitation

Property tax, motor vehicle valuation requirements, personal use

Property tax, motor vehicle valuation standards, refund information, posting requirement

Property tax, motor vehicles, exemption

Property tax, quarterly installment payment program

Property taxes, installment payment program

Proposed constitutional amendment, right to a healthy environment, preservation

Proposed constitutional amendment, submit to voters for ratification or rejection

Protection, official duties, religious and moral convictions

Public assistance reform

Public assistance, reform

Public contracts, Kentucky Buy American Act, compliance

Public employees, labor organizations, authorization required to withhold dues or fees from earnings

Public officers, Fred Capps Act

Public offices, change to nonpartisan

Public Protection Cabinet, wagering

Public school property, prohibition on annexation

Publically owned wastewater treatment works, sewage sludge, biosolids, administrative regulations

Racing commission, licensing, penalties, tax collection, wagering

Rape in the third degree, additional element

Redistricting, judicial

Redistricting, reapportionment, deadline

Redistricting, Supreme Court districts

Registered independents, participation in a primary

Reimbursement, expenses incurred due to response to false report

Reimbursement of jail fees, conviction requirement

Restaurant tax, uses of revenue

Retirement, allow recontribution of refund to determine participation date for purposes of benefits

Riot offenses, restitution and mandatory minimum sentence of incarceration

Robbery in the second degree, enhanced penalty during a declared emergency

School bus stop arm cameras, ordinance to implement and enforce

Seized or recovered firearms, reporting procedures

Seizure first aid, dissemination of information

Self-insurance groups, investments

Sentencing, probation with alternative sentence, primary custodian

Sexual orientation and gender identity, prohibition of discrimination

Sheltered workshop employment, employee, redefinition

Sodomy in the fourth degree, repeal

Sodomy in the third degree, additional element

Solid waste management franchises, procedural requirements, exemptions

Solitary confinement, limitations on

Special purpose governmental entities, tax and fee approval, inclusion within statutory ranges

Sporting events, national anthem, requirement

Sports officials, intimidation, creation of offense

State Board of Elections, omnibus election bill

State Board of Elections, ranked-choice voting, certain candidates for elected office

State Board of Elections, state representative districts, statewide plan, precincts

State lottery, altered or counterfeit ticket

State minimum wage, increase

State Police, Trooper R and CVE R Classes, benefits

State representative districts, statewide plan, precinct boundaries

State representative districts, statewide plan, redistricting

State senatorial districts, statewide plan, precinct boundaries

Stop arm camera violation, proceeds of civil penalty, $25 to sheriff's office

Stop arm camera violation, proceeds of civil penalty, $25 to Sheriff's office

Tax dollars, lobbying, prohibition

Taxable activity, cannabis possession, personal use quantity exemption

Terroristic threatening, domestic violence shelters

Theft by unlawful taking, enhanced penalty during a declared emergency

Theft of mail matter, inclusion of common carriers and delivery services

Title lien statements and terminations, fleet vehicle determination

Torture of dog or cat, increased penalty

Torture of dog or cat, penalty increasing

Tracking in and possession of a controlled substance, kratom

Transportation Cabinet, electronic titling and registration system, establishment

Trichloroethylene, health risks at workplaces, posting

Unauthorized capture of photographic or videographic images by a first responder

Unclaimed bodies, cremation

Unemployment compensation, workers displaced by domestic violence, abuse, sexual assault, stalking

Unemployment insurance, COVID-19 relief measures

Unemployment insurance, duration of benefits, shared work benefits, state average unemployment rate

Unemployment trust fund, taxable wage base increase, suspension

Unions, public employees, collective bargaining, employment, state employees

Unlawful misrepresentation as assistance dog, prevention

Unlawful storage of a firearm, prohibition

Unlawful storage of a firearm, prohibition, Baby Dre Gun Safety Act

Use of tracking device, criminalization

Veterans, property tax, homestead exemption, proposed constitutional amendment

Voluntary environmental remediation tax credit, expansion

Voter registration, automatic with driver's license application and other designated applications

Voting hours, extension

Voting systems, additional requirements

Welders, requirements for structural steel welding

Workers' compensation, COVID-19, vaccine

Workers' compensation, psychological injuries

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, services, consolidation

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