Fiscal Note

Abortion, practice, procedure, and prohibited acts

Abuse treatment, residential contract for therapeutic home

Advance deposit account wagering licensee, defined

Agricultural products, purchasing, reporting of

Biofuel blends, tax credits

Breast-feeding, penalty for violation of law, establish

Breast-feeding, penalty for violation of law that permits practice in public, establish

Budget reduction and surplus expenditure plans, clarification

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, public swimming pool safety regulations, create exemption

Cellulosic ethanol, restore original tax credit cap and per gallon rate

Charitable auction, in certain situations person not retailer

Charitable health care services, permit out-of-state providers to provide

Childhood hearing loss, assessment and diagnosis of

Cigarette surtax, create additional levy

City tax collection, PVA's preliminary property assessment provided to city

Claims, funds for payment, appropriation

Clean Coal Tax Credit, clarify due date for claiming

coaches, required training for

Commission for Children with Special Health Care Needs, hearing loss, assessment and diagnosis

Community rehabilitation tax credit, created

Compulsory school age, raising from 16 to 18

Consensus forecast and budget reduction provisions, amendment of

Consumer product safety, provide information to child-care providers

CPR and automated external defibrillators, use of

Create new tax incentives for the expansion of existing tourism projects

Department of Parks employees, full-time position hours

Development incentives, require Kentucky wage component for advance disbursement

Dialysis coverage, require reimbursement to provider rather than patient

Driving under the influence, penalties for

DUI, violation for controlled substance use

Economic development incentive programs, omnibus revisions

Economic development programs, omnibus revisions

Education of inmates, transfer of funding for

Emergency Action Plans for high hazard dams, administrative regulations requiring

Emergency action plans, high hazard impoundments, limitation on

Energy incentives for carbon capture and sequestration, technical corrections

Energy strategy, oil and gas, nuclear power, inclusion of

Family Trust Program, establishment of special needs trust program for the disabled

Farm-to-food bank program, establishment of

Fire inspection fees

Funding and operation of jails

Governor's Advisory Board for Veterans' Affairs, meeting, quarterly

HB 347/HCS

Health & Family Services Cabinet, public swimming pool safety regulations promulgated by

Homelessness, prevention, continue pilot project for

Human remains, initial removal, requirements for

Immunizations, human papillomavirus, require

Income tax credit, establish for certain employers for educational expenses on behalf of employees

Income tax, Energy Star manufactured home, create credit

Income tax, Internal Revenue Code, update reference to

Infection, health facility-acquired, report rates

Inspections, disposition of funds from

KEES base awards, homeschool high school students, calculation for

Kentucky Center for African American Heritage, create

Kentucky Department of Education, interscholastic athletics safety, study of

Kentucky educational excellence scholarship, homeschool students, awards to

Kentucky Higher Education Student Loan Corporation, dental or medical degree, loan forgiven

Kentucky Horse Racing Authority, omnibus chapter revisions

Kentucky National Guard, assistance for physical and mental conditions

Kentucky State Police, reemployment of retired troopers

KLEEP Fund, transfer administration to DOCJT and increase stipend amount

KY Horse Racing Authority, excise tax on secondary pari-mutuel organization, establishment of

Legacy expansion projects, include Kentucky employment factor

Legislative budget, fund transfer

Local development areas, termination date, extension to 30 years

Local economic development areas, allow time extension in specific cases

Local Government Economic Assistance Fund, balances in, investment of

Lodging, sales tax on, clarification of tax base

Long-term care facility administrator, licensing of

Motor fuels tax, make technical corrections to

Motor vehicle usage tax, exemption for certain trusts transfers

Motor Vehicles, Assessments on end of year purchases, clarify procedures for

Multistate Tax Compact, adoption

National Guard and reserve personnel, line of duty, deaths and injuries, benefits for

New Markets Program, tax credits for

Noncertified cigarettes, removal steps for

Nursing home residents, rights of

Optometric Examiners, Kentucky Board of, regulations allowing practice outside office of

Organ donation, nonrefundable tax credit, provide for individuals

Pari-mutuel racing excise tax

Postsecondary institutions, debt issuance by

Power of attorney for care of minor child, creation of and requirements for

Property Tax Homestead Exemption

Public assistance, substance abuse screening

Public facility, rebate of tax for governmental entities

Public transportation infrastructure authority, local input to

Rest areas, United States, Kentucky, and POW/MIA flags

Retired troopers, creation of reemployment program

River mile markers, adjust to agree with Corps of Engineers designations

Road fund taxes, liability of officers for

Sales and use tax, occasional sale, exclude recreational vehicles

Sales and use tax, streamlined sales and use tax agreement, conforming changes

Sales and use tax, vendor compensation, cap

Sales tax, exemption, removal of, packaged sales of alcohol

School districts, capital outlay funds, use of

SEEK funds, growth districts, mid-year adjustments in

Small business tax credit, remove cap reduction

Software maintenance contracts, definition deleted

State parks, limited sale of alcohol, providing for

State traffic school, appropriate revenue from fees

State/Executive Branch Budget

State/Executive Branch Budget Bill, repeal and reenact amendment of

Subpoenas of tax information, when applicable

Substance abuse treatment, residential, contract for therapeutic home

Substance abuse treatment, residential, permit to contract for

Suicide prevention awareness and training information, requirement for

Suicide prevention training model program, development of

Tax credits, incentives for small business development

Tax increment financing, expand qualifying projects

Tax Increment Financing, reduce minimum investment in limited circumstances

Tax information, disclosure of

Tobacco taxes, make technical changes

Transportation Cabinet, require separate budget bill for

Transportation Infrastructure Authority, require local agreement for financing plan

Tuition tax credit program, allow credit for students enrolled in Metropolitan College

Turnpike authority of Kentucky, creation of bi-state authority through

Unpasteurized goat milk, regulation of

Utility gross receipts license tax, Internet protocol television service, include

Veterans' Affairs Department, disabled veterans, minors representation of

Video lottery application fee, establishment of

Voter preregistration for 16-year-olds, regulation of

Water and Sewer Projects, repeal and reenactment of

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