Fiscal Note

Abandoned property, travelers' checks

Acts of person licensed as both agent and consultant, restrictions on

Alcohol and drug tests for CDL holders, suspension of CDL for positive test

Autism spectrum disorders, screening for

Board of Medical Licensure, controlled substance monitors, accounts for

Bonds, extend allowable maturity date of

Broadcast radio and television towers, exemption from property tax

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, child-care subsidy, eligibility for

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, employee training

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, recalled toys

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, trauma care system, establish

Care partnerships program, establish

Career and technical education fund programs, creation of

Center for Renewable Energy Research and Environmental Stewardship, create

Certification incentive fund

Check cashing, regulation and establishment of a database

Chiropractors, insurance reimbursement

Cigarette rolling papers, amend tax rate language

Cigarettes and tobacco, repeal and reenact KRS 138.130 and 138.140

Claims, against the state, appropriate funds for

Coal severance projects, process for

Colon Cancer Screening program, limit program to funding

Commitment of children to the cabinet for Health and Family Services, extension of age

Compulsive gamblers awareness and treatment fund, funding for

Compulsory school age, raise from 16 to 17

Corporate Income tax, community rehabilitation tax credit

Court house districts, dissolution of

Curricula and instructional time, study of

Data provided to the Legislative Research Commission

Death certificates, authorize filing at local health departments

Deduction for volunteer firefighters

Deer population control, dangers, direct agency study

Deer study, set report dates

Deferred deposit transactions

Deferred deposit transactions, database

Deferred deposit transactions, restrictions

Definition of retailer, exclude auctioneers of charitable auctions

Dental screening, school requirement for

Department for Public Health, Colon Cancer Screening Program, establishment of

Deputy circuit court clerks, supplemental compensation

Diesel engine conversion tax credit, established

Dispatch communications personnel, definitions for collective bargaining in urban-county governments

Dual-credit courses, use of Kentucky Education Excellence Scholarship award for

Early Childhood Development Authority, conduct studies

Economic development and tourism project expenditure report

Education savings plan trust, allow tax deduction for contributions to

Emergency Action Plans for impoundments, administrative regulations

Energy efficient systems, ENERGY STAR housing, tax credit

Establish a tax increment financing account in the finance cabinet

Estate tax, determination of

Exempt bonds, for public infrastructure authority

Film industry tax credit

Finance and Administration Cabinet, enterprise collections, return to agencies

Firefighters, disabled in line of duty, health and life insurance state supplement, CPI adjustment

Forgivable loan, dental or medical degree, establishment of, eligibility for

Four and Forward Program, creation of

FutureGen tax incentives, establish

Georgia Chaffee Teenage Parent Program, funding for

Growth nickels for schools, authorize in statute

Growth school districts, support education excellence in Kentucky, calculation of

Health and Family Services, Community Based Services, employee training

Health and Family Services, family resource youth services centers, specify requirements for

HIV, confirmatory test requirement, delete

HIV rapid test, disclosure of results, establish

Horse farm purchases, exemption

Hunting and fishing licenses, state park passes, provide discount for certain veterans

Identification cars for homeless, provide for

Identity, theft of

Immunization, elementary and middle school children

Immunization, pneumococcal disease, middle school children

Immunizations, human papillomavirus, required

Incentives for carbon capture and sequestration

Income tax, exempt active duty military pay

Individual income tax federal rebate, exemption

Inheritance tax, change of classification of great-grandchild

Insurance Coverage Affordability and Relief to Small Employers (ICARE) Program, creation of

Insurance premium tax

Insurance premium tax administration and assessment

Interest on state bonds, reporting requirements for

Interest paid, modify accrual of

Interlocal agreements, incentives for county cooperation

KCHIP, continuous enrollment and online applications for

KEES eligibility, retroactive extension for military service

Kentucky 21st Century Scholars Program, establishment of

Kentucky Board of Education, Education Cabinet

Kentucky educational excellence scholarships, renewal, eligibility requirements for

Kentucky Housing Corporation, increase debt limit of

Kentucky Prosperity Act tax credit, establish

Kentucky Reservists, benefits for

Kentucky Youth Development Center, creation of

KLEFP Fund, move administration back to the Justice Cabinet

KLEFP Fund, transfer administration to DOCJT and increase stipend amounts

Lemurs, exempt from tax

LIHEAP, 10 million in current year funding for heating assistance

Live organ donation, tax credit for

Local Government Economic Assistance Fund, balances in, investment of

Local school districts, authorize levy for school construction

Long-term care insurance rates, intervention, filing and approval

Mailing address of party contractually responsible for real property tax payment, included in deed

Manufactured housing, inspections of, local health department responsibilities

Medicaid services, breast/cervical cancer, expansion of Medicaid prog. to women with diagnosis of

Military pay, exempt from income tax

Military spouses, prohibit disqualification

Motor fuels taxes, refund for volunteer fire departments

Multistate Tax Compact

Multistate Tax Compact uniformity

Office of Homeland Security, duties of

Office of the Ombudsman, direct the Cabinet for Health and Family Services to support

Over-the-counter drug, sales and use tax, exempt from

Performance and payment bonds for construction, evaluation of goods and services contracts

Personal identification cards, verification of citizenship required

Postsecondary Education Trust Fund and Covenant Award, creation of

Postsecondary institutions, debt issuance by

Preschool education, expand program

Prisoner in jail, information to be obtained from

Problem and pathological gambling awareness and treatment fund, purposes delineated

Property tax bills, preparation of bills below threshold amount

Property Valuation Administrators Advisory Committee, creation of

PVA examination at central location, noticed 30 days prior to

Radio and TV towers, change in property tax on

Recipients, Medicaid, provide statement of services to

Refundable earned income tax credit, establishment of

Registration required for contract

Renewable energy facility, lower minimum capital investment

Returns and reports, clarify various provisions

Revenue bond program, career and technical education facilities

Review of tax increment financing, tourism development, and economic development programs

Riverport Finance Assistance Fund, establish

Road naming, omnibus resolution

Sales and use tax

Sales and use tax, auctioneers of charitable auctions, definition of retailer, exclusion from

Sales and use tax, feed for members of genus camelus, exempt from

Sales and use tax, genus camelus, exempt from

Scholarships for survivors of fallen coal miners

School construction, nickel levies, and equalization

School dental screening or examination, requirement for

Science and mathematics advancement fund, establishment of

Science and mathematics advancement fund, establishment of grant programs

Services, extend tax to selected

Sex offender registry, requirements and prohibitions relating to registrants

Sex offenders, prohibitions concerning school buses and school bus stops, penalty

Sex offense with minor, electronic communication

Sexual abuse of children, modifications to age ranges and prohibitions against

Sexual abuse, privileged communications

Sick Leave Bank program, creation of and participation in

Small business tax credit, creation of

Social service complaints, Office of the Ombudsman, CHFS, direct tracking and investigation of

Special needs trust, mental retardation

Stalking, electronics in furtherance of

State employee Sick Leave Bank, creation of and participation in

State fund, calculation of

State parks, wine and malt beverage sales, local option election authorized

Statewide utility gross receipts tax for schools, imposition of

Status, misrepresentation of, prohibit

STEM Initiative fund, establishment of

Streamlined sales tax agreement, conforming changes

Student dental health certificates, requirement for

Student dental screening, requirement for

Supports for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders Program, creation of

Tax incentives, film industry, technical corrections

Tax increment financing, clarify sales tax provisions

Tax increment financing, programs

Tax increment financing projects, move approval to KEDFA

Taxation, apportionment, sales factor

Teachers' professional growth fund, use of

"The Purple Heart Trail," designate segments, I-265, US 31W, US 41A and certain parkways

Tuition reimbursement, Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority

Underground facilities, damage protection thereof

Unemployment insurance, benefit eligibility for military spouse

University of Louisville equine industry program, funding increased

Unsafe children's products, prohibition of

Veterinary student loan forgiveness program, establishment of

Voting rights for certain felons, constitutional amendment to provide

Voting rights for felons, constitutional amendment to provide

Water Transportation Advisory Board, creation and funding for

Wellness project credit

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