Local Mandate

3,4-methylenedioxypyrovalerone, ban upon possession, trafficking, manufacture

911 emergency communications funding, require CMRS Board to report information to LRC for study on

911 emergency services, improvement and funding of

Abortion after viability, penalty for

Abortion, informed consent and ultrasound requirements

Abortion, informed consent and ultrasound requirements for

Abortion, prohibition at 20 weeks of fetal development

Accidents, solicitation of business

Actions against cities, KRS 411.110 repealed

Adult abuse registry, prepare to establish

Agencies established by merger or interlocal agreement, participation in state health plan

Alcohol and substance abuse treatment for pregnant and post-partum women

Animal care advisory board, animal welfare, animal shelters, standards for

Animal impoundment, animal health, humane euthanasia, veterinarian determinations for

Animals, cruelty to, add shelter requirements

Annexation map and description, filing requirement, amendment

Assistance animal, licensing authority, approval of

Attendance areas, establishment by local boards

Background check, fingerprinting, request for

Board of Claims, actions before

Bonds for discharge, who may file

Business permit, license, or credential, employment of unauthorized aliens, grounds for non-issuance

By consolidated local governments

Certificates of delinquency, amend sale provisions

Certificates of delinquency, technical corrections

Child support, guidelines table, update of

Civics education for inmate, good time credit for

Civil jurisdiction, small claims jurisdiction, technical correction

Code, laws, and regulations relating to plumbing, penalties for violation of

Comparative fault action, procedures

Complex regional pain syndrome, continuing competency requirements for

Concealed deadly weapons, carried by peace officers, when

Constable, constitutional amendment allowing county legislative body to abolish office of

Constitution of Kentucky, sections 38, 39, and 43, powers granted by

Constitutional amendment, elimination of Office of Judge of County Court in merged local governments

Construction of statutes, statute provides no private right of action unless specified

Controlled substances, prescription for and dispensing of

Correctional departments, merit boards, procedural due process

Corrections officers of a consolidated local government, collective bargaining

County consolidation, Department for Local Government, assistance from

County Employees Retirement System, agencies not required to participate in state health insurance

County Employees Retirement System, establishment of 85% as funding level for pension/insurance fund

County Employees Retirement System establishment of 85% as funding level for pension/insurance funds

County officers with duties coextensive with Commonwealth, salary reductions, when prohibited

Courts costs, accounting of courthouse dedicated fees

Criminal justice training, Department of, peace officer training, protective orders

Deadly weapons, locations, in motor vehicle where permitted

Deaths in nursing homes, notification of coroners, investigation following certain

Deeds in lieu of foreclosure, recording requirements

Deeds in lieu of foreclosure, ten day filing requirement with county clerk

Delete requirement to certify need for jail prisoner medical care

Department of Agriculture, voluntary donation to AG Program Trust Fund, notification of

Department of Corrections, inspector general, create office of

Direct a staff study by the Legislative Research Commission of 911 funding

Disabled veteran license plates, 100 percent disabled veterans, three plates free of charge

Disabled veteran license plates, fee exemption

Disarming a peace officer, add defensive and control devices, add defenses

District court, small claims jurisdiction, increase to $3,000

DNA, requirement of sample collection at arraignment

Domestic violence, coverage of dating couples

Domestic violence, dating couples, inclusion of

Domestic violence proceedings, dating couples, restrict to 18 or over

"Dove" derivatives, add two additional chemicals, synthetic cannabinoids, add two chemicals

DUI, circumstances triggering aggravated sentencing

DUI, ignition interlock device, use of

DUI, motor vehicle, forfeiture of

DUI, penalties imposed

DUI, use of prior convictions

Elections, campaign finance, various changes

Elections, candidates for federal office, recanvass, recount

Elections, contests, recounts, procedures of

Elections, petitions of nomination, number of petitioners

Elections, various changes

Elections, various changes to procedures

Electrical inspectors, inspection of marinas

Electrical licensing and electrical inspecting and permitting, merger of statutes controlling

Emergency care, limitation of liability for

Eminent domain, valuation of contiguous parcels

Ethics, elections, campaign finance, various changes

Expungement of criminal records, procedure in regard to plea bargains

Expungement of misdemeanor criminal records, criteria relating to

Failure to return to custody, crime of

Felons' voting rights, constitutional amendment to provide

Felony conduct, duty to report

Fire districts, operation in two counties, appointees to the board of trustees

Firearms, forfeiture and destruction of

Firefighters totally disabled in line of duty, CPI adjustment to insurance payments

First priority recorded mortgage, registration of with county clerk

Government Assessment and Accountability Subcommittee, corrections and jail monitoring

Grand jury, failure to indict, record expungement of, procedure

Gross revenues and excise tax fund, hold harmless amount, increase

Health and Family Services, adult abuse registry, establishment

Hexavalent chromium levels, require public water systems to monitor

Homestead exemption, expansion for disabled veterans

Homestead exemption, verification of

Hunting licenses and permits, voter registration included in

I Support Veterans special license plate, establishment of

Income benefits and attorneys fees, increase in fees and various changes to awards

Incompatible offices

Increase civil jurisdiction to $5,000 and small claims jurisdiction to $2,500 for District Court

Increase jurisdiction of District Court to $5,000, small claims division to $2,500

Industrial hemp, licensing and growing of

Instructional permit holders, require display of decals when operating a motor vehicle

Insurance premium tax, one state tax for nonadmitted multi-state risks, establish

Insurance premium taxes, surplus lines insurance multi-state compliance compact, adopt

Juvenile status offense actions, requirements for

Law enforcement, reporting requirement, established

Laws relating to various topics, constitutional amendment to prohibit adoption of

Legislative Research Commission, direct staff to study emergency dispatch center funding

Local government liens, application of

Local Government Nuisance Code Enforcement Act, definitions

Local government premium tax, other political subdivisions, exempt

Local governments, enforcement of criminal provisions

Local Nuisance Code Enforcement Act, definitions

Local property tax, revise tax calculation provisions

Long term care facilities, nurse staffing requirements, establishment of

Long-term care facilities, nurse staffing requirements, establishment of

Loss of consciousness, include within definition of "physical injury"

MDPV possession, 30 day maximum sentence

Medical examiner, death investigation pamphlet

Methamphetamine violations, precursor drugs, prohibition of purchase

Military, benefits for trailing spouse

Mini-truck sellers, motor vehicle dealer license requirement for

Mini-trucks, use on non-interstate highways

Minor, image of, protection for minor sending or possessing

Mint Police, U.S., state jurisdiction for

Motor vehicles containing a child under the age of 17, prohibit smoking in

Multi-state risks, single state tax

Municipally owned electric generating facilities, use of renewable energy, requirements

Natural resources severance tax

Nuisances, lien priority

Office of Drug Control Policy, methamphetamine block program

Office of Judge of County Court, fiscal court members, elimination of in merged local governments

Omnibus unauthorized alien act

Operator's licenses and personal identification cards, veteran designation on

Orders of protection, law enforcement training, require

Pain management facilities, licensure requirements

Parole or release from prison, failure to secure employment not to affect

Payment to county for each election precinct, increase of

Peace Officer Professional Standards, recertification after retirement

Penalties under plumbing chapter, water heater serial number violations exempted from

Police officers, KLEFP fund salary supplements

Policemen and firefighters' retirement fund, health premium for retiree spouse and children

Premium tax, local, exclusions from applicability to

Prescription drug drop off program, water pollution prevention, cabinet program for

Prescription drug drop off program, water pollution prevention cabinet program for

Pretrial, probation, modifications to

Prevailing wage, exemption threshold, increase

Probate fees, estate of one killed in line of duty, exemption for

Process, legal, directed to sheriff,

Prohibit illegal employees from working on public contracts

Property tax, amend provisions relating to certificates of delinquency for

Protective headgear, for operators and passengers of motorcycles

Pseudoephedrine and related drugs, sale and dispensing of

Pseudoephedrine, Schedule IV controlled substance

Public transportation, offenses against user or operator of

Railroad bridges, establish maintenance requirements for

Rate applicable to certain boats

Real estate transfer tax, exemption from

Recorded deed, PVA map index number required

Recovery Programs, addition of

Recycler, smelted or burned metal, purchase of

Reemployment after retirement, prohibition of second retirement account

Registered Independents, primaries, participation in

Registration with the federal work authorization program

Restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions, prohibition on enforcement of

Retirement, close of KERS, CERS, SPRS, LRP, and JRP to new members

Senate Rules, adoption of

Severely mentally ill defense, use in criminal case

Sexual offenses, HIV testing upon victim's request requirement for

Sexual offenses, restraining orders, issuance of

Sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination, prohibition of

Sexual orientation and gender identity, prohibition of discrimination

Sheltowee Trace National Recreation Trail, public access to

Shock probation in felony cases, prohibitions on

Small claims, District Court, jurisdiction increase

Smoking in enclosed public places and enclosed places of employment, prohibition of

Special license plate

Special license plate, establishment of

Speed bumps, local government requirements for

State Board of Elections, absentee voters, identity, disclosure of

State Board of Elections, precinct election workers, absentee voting

State Board of Elections, registered Independents, primaries, participation in

State Investment Commission, Sudan, investments in, divestment of

State-administered retirement systems, ban on placement agents and board duties

State-administered retirement systems, board term limits and restrictions

Synthetic "bath salts, or "dove," synthetic cannabinoids, add as controlled substances

Taxes or fees, theft by deception, insufficient funds check

Taxing districts, local legislative body approval for tax rates

Theft of item with VIN, law enforcement agency, duty to report to NCIC

Transportation Cabinet, use for KAVIS system for registration and titling, restriction of

TVA and Breaks Interstate Park, peace officer, commissioning

TVA and Breaks Interstate Park, peace officer commissions

Unauthorized aliens, offenses relating to

Unlawful employment practice, use of credit history

Victims of accidents and disasters, solicitation of

Violations of public notice, frequency of

Weapons, trespass, disorderly conduct, consent to search, airport property

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