Local Mandate

Abortion, performance of in relation to fetal heartbeat detection

Abortion, prohibition at 20 weeks of fetal development

Abortion, ultrasound requirements

Address protection program, creation of

Animal shelters, euthanasia, gas chambers, prohibition of

Antismoking ordinances

Assault 3rd degree, inclusion of security guards

Asset forfeiture and human trafficking victims fund, creation of

Athletics, emergency, training for, establishment

Bills, threshold amount for preparation of

Boating safety, electric shock drowning prevention, marina requirements for

Capital sentencing system, omnibus revisions to

Cellophane, prepaid, 911 service charge

Certificate for driving, establishment of

Certificate of driving, establishment of

Certificates of delinquency, amend statute of limitations for collection

Charter schools, transfer of funds to

Child pornography, viewing of

Child support, guidelines table, update of

Cities and counties, sales and use tax, authority to impose

City natural gas distribution, extension, aquisition, condemnation

Coal severance revenues, distribution

Consolidated local government, advertising, expenditure limit requiring, change in

Consolidated local government, ethics code, provision of legal representation, prohibition

Consolidated local government, prequalification requirement, change in

Consolidated local governments, ethics complaints, legal representation for complainant, prohibition

Constables, peace officer status, removal of

Contracts, Kentucky Buy American Act, compliance with

Contracts, Kentucky Buy American Act, compliance with, clarification in

Controlled substances, penalties and protocols relating to

Controlled substances, prescribing and purchasing of

Counties containing cities of the first class, removal of special alcohol licensing ratio for

Counties with cities of the first class, retail package liquor licenses in

County boards of elections, absentee ballot provisions, changes to

County consolidation, process for

Court security, increase sheriff's compensation to $12 per hour

Criminal records expungement, exclusion from public record

Criminal sexual abuse involving penetration, increase in penalty

Defendants who do not execute a bond, appearance before a judge within 12 hours

Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, licensing authority of

Deregulation, generation, incumbent retail supplier, no requirement to

Disabled parking placards, tamper-evident color coded stickers, requirements for

Disabled parking placards, tamper-evident stickers, requirements for

DNA collection, collection at booking

DNA, requirement of sample collection at arraignment

Drone surveillance by law enforcement, prohibitions and requirements for

DUI, penalties imposed

DUI service fee, amount and usage of

Early voting, establishment of process

Election of statewide constitutional offices, change to even-numbered year

Elections, absentee ballot provisions, changes to

Elections, absentee ballots, voters with injury, illness, or other disabling condition

Electricians, inspection requirements

Electricity, large industrial consumer of, nonregulated purchases

Eminent domain, valuation of contiguous parcels

Employment leave for crime victims, creation of and requirements for

Ephedrine-based drugs, sale and possession of

Expungement of misdemeanor and violation records, process for

Expungement of records, criminal history

Expungement, process and requirements for

Federally documented non-commercial vessels, exempt from state and local property tax

Felons' voting rights, constitutional amendment to provide

Fire Districts, ad valorem taxes, referendum for additional

Firearms, comprehensive regulation of

Firearms, federal laws and rules, invalidate

Good Samaritan seeking health care for person with drug overdose, limited immunity for

Harassing communications, amend definition of

Healthcare Freedom of Conscience Act

Home improvement contract, standards, procedures, remedies

Human trafficking

Human trafficking, training in

Ignition interlocks, usage of

Industrial hemp, licensing and growing of

Industrial hemp production, license system for

Industrial hemp production, license system for

Insurance, procurement, bids for

Intersections with inoperable traffic signals, treat as four-way stops

Jail officer, complaint against, required procedure

Juvenile courts, public proceedings

Kentucky Commission on Public Health, creation of the

Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System, allow onetime opt-out for members

Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System, employers allowed to cease participation for new hires

Knife, possession on elementary or secondary school property, prohibition, exceptions

Knives, local regulation of prohibited

Labor organization mandatory membership or financials support prohibited, penalty

License fees, inclusion of consolidated local and urban-county governments within

Local government economic development fund, amendment to transfer requirement

Local government Economic Development fund, reallocation of funds, allowance of

Local option elections, casino gaming approval for

Local option sales tax, constitutional amendment to allow

Local property tax, amend application of 1979 HB 44 provisions

Long-term-care facilities, background and registry checks for owners and employees

Loss of consciousness, include within definition of "physical injury"

Loss of consciousness, inclusion within definition of physical injury

Medicaid managed care, contract breach, transition of care

Medicaid managed care, school district patients and providers, contract breach, transition of care

Medical billing for state inmates in jails, modifications to procedure

Military and overseas voters, absentee ballot provisions, changes to

Mini-trucks, use on roadways with a posted speed limit of 45 mph or less

Misrepresentation of military status, criminal act, requirement for

Motor vehicle accidents, blood tests, limitations

Motor vehicle insurance requirement violation, threshold for

Multiple unrelated misdemeanors or violations, expungement permitted

Municipalities, electricity, renewable sources required

National Wildlife Refuge System, National Fish Hatcheries, concurrent jurisdiction for

Natural gas systems, allow extension of and sale outside city

Natural gas vehicles, safety inspections of

Natural resources severance and processing tax, extension of tax credit for certain limestone

Natural resources severance tax, amend definition of processing

Open records requests, exclude public fraud hotline information

Outdoor warning siren systems, activation during severe weather, guidelines for

Parole board decisions, review by Attorney General when victim objects

Prepaid wireless service charge, establishment of

Presumptive probation with mandatory drug treatment for possession offenses and drug paraphernalia

Prevailing wage, repeal of

Prisoner or patient from another state for treatment in Kentucky

Project labor agreement, prohibition in government construction projects

Property tax rates, remove recall provisions

Public transportation, offenses against user or operator of

Purchasing, project labor agreements in, prohibition against use of

Qualified historic site, definition of

Religious freedom, protection of


Retirement, pension reform for KERS, CERS, and SPRS

Retirement, require state retirement systems to disclose retirement account information

Safe child drop-off areas, authorization of courts to require use of

Sale of drug paraphernalia, offense created

Semiautomatic assault rifle, prohibition of auction by State Police, disposition of

Sexual offense defendant, when HIV testing required

Sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination, prohibition of

Special military service academy license plates, establishment of

Special purpose governmental entities, reporting and compliance provisions

State employee compensation fund, establishment and funding

Synthetic drugs, inclusion of additional prohibited substances

Synthetic drugs, offenses relating to minors

Tax and fee increases, submission to cities and counties, requirement of

Telecommunications, certain requirements for the CMRS fee 911 for prepaid cell services, removal of

Thefts, penalties for high-value property

Torture of a dog or cat, penalty for

Tourist and convention commissions

TVA in-lieu-of-tax payments, direction to economic development activities

Unemployment insurance, employer's account

Unemployment insurance, improperly obtained benefits

Urban-county government, eligible list, civil service, expansion of

Urban-county governments, civil service, veterans hiring preference, expansion of

Urban-county policemen's and firefighter's fund, pension reform measures

Vulnerable users of a public roadway, penalties for serious physical injury or death of

Workers' Compensation Act, various amendments to

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