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pollution control district strategic toxic air reduction program, commission to study impact of - SB 39: SFA (2)
pollution control district, regulations to be no more stringent than state and federal - SB 39; HB 117: SCS (1)
Asbestos assessment and response program, administration of - HB 408
Bicycling and pedestrian activities, study directed - SCR 98
Bonding, oil and natural gas drilling, requirements for - SB 237
Cervids, ban on interstate importation of - SB 230: SFA (1)
mining, reclamation, easement of necessity to conduct reclamation operations, create - SB 219
mining, surface operations, permit requirements, make changes to - SB 136
Conservation, wildlife, funding for, task force to study - HCR 115
Covenant not to sue, make changes to - HB 408: SCS
Daniel Boone National Forest, urge Congress not to approve tract sales of - SR 256
Deer and wild turkey hunting seasons and devices for taking, make changes to - SB 211
Department of Fish and Wildlife, hunting and fishing, regulation of - HB 451; HB 451: HCS
for wildlife-related recreation, allow a nonrefundable tax credit for - HB 642
of necessity, reclamation, requirements for - SB 219: SCS
Emergency Action Plans for impoundments, promulgate administrative regulations for - HJR 193
Energy conservation, develop incentives for - HB 299: HCA (1)
and Public Protection Cabinet, administrative hearings, establish procedures for - HB 470: SFA (1)
and Public Protection Cabinet, administrative hearings, procedures - HB 470
and Public Protection Cabinet, administrative hearings, procedures for - HB 470: HFA (1)
remediation fee, not required of loads less than 1 ton that are disposed of for free - SB 50: HFA (1)
remediation fee, recycling and hazardous waste grants, use for - SB 50
E-scrap Task Force, establishment of - HCR 28
Task Force, membership of - HCR 28: HFA (1)
Task Force, technical changes for - HCR 28: HCA (1)
Farm, defined as 10 acres or more, no hunting license for owners and tenants required to hunt on - HB 398
Fish and Wildlife, allow treble damages - HB 415; HB 415: HCS
Fishing license, short-term, make changes to - HB 414
Forestry Best Management Practices Board, administration, reporting - SB 147
Game and fish fund, funds not to be transferred to general fund - SB 120
waste, allow monitoring after termination - SB 76: SCA (1)
waste, extend fee to 2008 and provide for waiver - SB 75
waste, permission to cease post-closure monitoring of - SB 76
Hearing report procedures and timelines, make changes to - HB 470: HCS
Hunger relief program, require Fish and Wildlife to establish - SB 148: SFA (1)
Hunting, preserve license, delete - HB 414
Industry & economic development, urge evaluation of Louisville STAR air toxics program impact on - HCR 174
Infrastructure Authority, addition of three members - HB 623: HFA (1)
Infrastructure Authority, authorization for programs under - HB 623: SCS
Recreational Trail System, creates - HB 233
Stewardship and Conservation Task Force membership, add Department of Parks to - HCR 120: HCS
Stewardship and Conservation Taskforce, creation of - HCR 120
property, cleanup program - HB 591: HCS, HFA (2)
property, program for cleanup of - HB 591
Mine water discharge by CONSOL, Energy, protect Kentucky waters from effects of - SR 326
Mining in Robinson Forest, University of Kentucky required to do - HB 726
Mining, violations, penalties for - SB 138
On-site sewer systems, approval process revised - HB 573: SCS
Persons declared disabled by a private retirement prog, eligible for discounted hunting/fishing lic. - HB 409
and requirements for on-site sewage systems installation and permitting, make changes to - HB 573
and requirements for on-site sewage systems, make changes to - HB 573: HCS (1),(2)
Provisions relating to crossbow hunting, hunting method exemption permit - SB 211: SCA (1)
Purchase of development rights program for all local governments - HB 558
Recycling, plastic containers, labeling of - HB 574
Rock fences, documentation and standards for preservation of - SCR 130
Sanitation districts, storm water and sanitary runoff, authority to control for - HB 661
Solid waste, authorize lien to collect bill for - HB 502
Strategic toxic air reduction program, requirements for termination and replacement of - SB 39: SFA (1)
Surface mines, original contour restoration and overburden disposal requirements, make changes to - HB 83
Technical correction, grants, permit in kind - SB 50: SCA (1)
Timber harvesting operations, orders of cessation, violations for - HB 450
Toxic mold program, urge establishment of - HR 324
Utility investment in clean coal energy generation, provide surcharge for cost recovery - HB 538
Waste tire fee, reauthorization of - HB 145
quality report, to be submitted to legislature, local governments, and citizens - HR 155
well board, changes to, and changes to penalties for certification noncompliance - HB 383
well drillers, civil penalties for certification non-compliance, make changes to - HB 383: HCS
well drillers, monetary penalty for certif. non-compliance, assessed once per each occurrence - HB 383: HFA (1)
Watershed-based planning councils, creation of - HB 746
Wildlife, illegal to hunt with computer-assisted remote devices - HB 289
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