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Lincoln Memorial Expressway," designate of portion of I-65 in honor and memory of - SJR 93: SCS
Lincoln Memorial Highway," designate Interstate 65 in honor and memory of - SJR 93
"Brandon Webb Highway," designate in city of Ashland - HJR 52
"Denzil 'Hoss' Halbert Memorial Bridge," designated in Martin, Kentucky - SJR 136
Martin Luther King, Jr., Expressway," designate in Jefferson County - SJR 16: SCS
Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial Highway," designate 1-65 outside Jefferson County - SJR 95
Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial Highway," designate in Jefferson County - SJR 16; HJR 54
"Harlan County Coal Miners Highway," designate in Harlan County - SJR 93: HFA (1)
Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail," placement of signs - HJR 142
W. D. Bowling Bypass," designate Danville/U.S. 127 Bypass in honor of - HJR 119
"Lincoln Heritage Highway," designate entire length of US 31E - SJR 93: SCS
"Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard," designate in City of Paris - HJR 50
"Private Ottis Reed Memorial Bridge," designate in the town of Meta - SJR 114; HJR 116
06 HB 380, state budget, amendments to - HB 327: HCS, HFA (14)
Airport livery certificate, requirement for - SB 209; HB 524
Amtrak service, promote use of - HCR 18; HCR 18: HFA (1)
Automotive mobility dealer, require license to operate as - HB 389
Bennett Shortridge Memorial Bridge, erect signs in memory of in Pike County - HJR 74
Bert T. Combs, statue, erection of - HJR 84
Bicycles, helmet use required for persons under the age of 16 - HB 169
Billboards, establish vegetation control permit - SB 155
Brent Spence Bridge, urge Congress to accelerate funding for replacement - SR 17; HR 40
Bridges in Jefferson County, bond funds to build - HB 72
CDL standards, compliance with Motor Carrier Safety Improvement Act - HB 509
Certificate of title for all-purpose vehicles - SB 120
Certificates for driving, establish procedures for application and issuance - SB 177
booster seats, required use - HB 53
booster seats, requirement - HB 53: HCS, HFA (2),(3),(5),(6)
Coal shippers and receivers, require weight reporting to vehicle enforcement - HB 454
Colonel Larry Fuller Band, erect signs in honor of in Pike County - HJR 72
Commercial driver's license, employer drug testing - SB 84
Disable veteran's license plates, reduce the disability threshold for - HB 144
Driver licensing, transfer issuance functions to State Police - SB 213
license revocation and criminal penalties, alcohol convictions involving minors leading to - SB 45
license testing, extended hours of operation - HB 43
license, DUI, suspension for - SB 217
Driving on expired license, exemption for returning military personnel - HB 59
Gold Star Mothers license plates, exempt from fee - HB 390
Halbert, Denzil "Hoss," name bridge on KY 80 in Floyd County for - HJR 84: SCS
Hardship driver license, permit for general traffic offenses - HB 268, 510
Headlight use requirement, eliminate reference to constant use of wipers - HB 89: HFA (1)
Highway Superintendent I and II, educational requirements removed - HB 361
Historic motor vehicles brought into state, require inspection only to authenticate VIN - HB 336; HB 381: HCS
Honorary road names, designate in honor of various Kentuckians - SJR 93: HCS
I-66 bridge not subject to KRS 146.220 to 146.360 - HB 89: SCS
Interlocal agreements, incentives for - HB 116: HCS
Issuance of certificate for limousine service - SB 133
National Guard specialty license plate, allow surviving spouses to obtain or retain - SB 174
Recreational Trails Authority, illegal ATV usage, directing study of - HJR 14: HCS
King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr., urge city of Covington to rename 12th Street in honor of - HR 197
License plates, allow disabled veterans to acquire without payment of a fee - HB 147
Bridges project, request additional federal funding for - HR 140
Bridges project, request for additional federal funding for - HR 90
Memorial signs, creation of highway memorial sign program - HB 155
vehicle event data recorder, requirements for use - SB 32
vehicle keys, production of based solely on vehicle identification number (VIN), prohibition - HB 481
vehicle renting companies, allow to charge daily vehicle license recovery fees - HB 310
vehicle salesperson's licenses, increase fee - HB 389: HCS
Vehicle use tax, allow out of state bill of sale in lieu of affidavit of consideration - HB 478
Officer Landry Collett, honoring for awards received for apprehending impaired drivers - HR 132
Older vehicles, allow display of model year license plate - HB 381
Operator's & Intermediate licenses and permits, student requirements for - HB 32
Placement of signs on Kentucky Route 90 entering Wayne County honoring musician Don Parmley - SJR 93: HFA (2)
Railroad hazard and safety issues, Jefferson County, study of - HCR 164
Railroads, risk assessment and community protection plan - HB 134
Reduce advertising device viewing zone - SB 155: HFA (1),(2)
Remote car starters, permits use if unattended vehicle remains locked - HB 552
SB 83 - SB 83: SFA (1)
belt law, clarify exemptions from and fines for violation - HB 284: HCS
belt use, exemptions - HB 284; HB 284: HFA (1)
Short-line railroad revitalization program, establish task force to study creation of - HJR 72: HCS
license plates, reissuance of - HB 215
military plates, fraudulent application - HB 342
limits for state highways, establish - SB 83
limits, specify highways on which speed limit may be increased to 70 miles per hour - SB 83: HCS
Temporary vehicle tags issued by dealer, make valid for 60 days - HB 370
Cabinet RR engineer, give title to district executive director - SB 59: HFA (1)
Cabinet, reorganization of - SB 59; SB 59: HFA (2)
Use of windshield wipers by motor vehicle operators - HB 89: SCS
Vehicle headlamps, require illumination during foggy or inclement weather - HB 89
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