Abad, Specialist Sergio S., memorializing

Adams, Kenneth, memorializing

Alfaro, Armando, memorializing

Allen, Dr. Damon, memorializing

Andrews, Eleanor Louise, memorializing

Arnett, William Olney, memorializing

Ashby, Fireman Third Class Welborn L., memorializing

Bandy, Michael Clinton, memorializing

Bather, Paul, memorializing

Battaglia, Clorinda P., memorializing

Bevins, Eddie Delano, memorializing

Blackburn, Adrian "Abo," memorializing

Blanton, Arnold, memorializing

Blevins, Walter C. Sr., memorializing

Blevins, Walter C., Sr., memorializing

Branham, Cora, memorializing

Broaddus, Patricia Masters, memorializing

Brooks, Judith J., memorializing

Brooks, Judith, memorializing

Brooks, Rose Mary Codell, memorializing

Brown, Langley, memorializing

Brown, Michael "Corky," memorializing

Burch, Cassie, memorializing

Callihan, Ronnie Dale, memorializing

Carter, Douglas, memorializing

Caudill, Maggie, memorializing

Caudill, Solomon, Jr., memorializing

Chambers, Blanche Mae, memorializing

Clark, Billy C., memorializing

Cobb, Helen C., memorializing

Coleman, Louis, memorializing

Collins, Luke, memorializing

Comley, Victor E., memorializing

Conley, Judge Hollie, memorializing

Cooper, David Keith, memorializing

Cooper, Sergeant David K., memorializing

Cox, Angela Sue, memorializing

Cpl. Josh Moore Memorial Highway, designate in Logan County

Crosier, Louis Wayne, memorializing

Dickerson, Bernice, adjourn Senate in loving memory and honor of

Dickerson, Bernice, memorializing

Distinguished Kentuckians, name roads in memory of

Dorton, Trigg "O.T", memorializing

Drees, Richard T., memorializing

Dye, Monnie Brown, memorializing

Earl (Skip) Ritz Memorial Bridge, designate between Floyd County and Johnson county line

Eubank, Marianna Young, memorializing

Fallen firefighters and police officers, designate sections of US 60 in Carter County

Fee, Dr. Kela Lyons, memorializing

Franklin, Dr. John Hope, memorializing

Franklin, Louis Morton, memorializing

Friends of Kentucky Educational Television, honoring

Galloway, Don, memorializing

Garrison, Emogene, memorializing

Gay, James L., memorializing

Gay, James Lucien "Jim," memorializing

Geraghty, Rita, memorializing

Gilliam, Lance Corporal Chadwick A., memorializing

Gilliam, Lance Corporal Chadwick Allen, memorializing

Girvin, Bobby Glen, memorializing

Glass, William "Bill", memorializing

Goodridge, Nelson, memorializing

Griffith, Robert "Bobby", memorializing

Gullett, Specialist Jeremy R., memorializing

Hall, Elder Troy, memorializing

Healy, Gerald F. "Jerry" memorializing

Henry, Darrell Edward, memorializing

Howard, Norbert Clifton "Cliff," memorializing

Huddleston, Earl, memorializing

Hudson, Lillian W., memorializing

Hunt, David Nelson, memorializing

Hurst, John, memorializing

Innis, Joe, memorializing

Jenkins, Michael Joe, memorializing

Jubenville, Duane, memorializing

Kahmann, Paul J., memorializing

Kelly, Lake, memorializing

Kohlhaas, Sergeant Adam J., memorializing

Lafferty, Seth Addison, memorializing

Latta, Thomas M. "Tom," memorializing

Lindauer, Clara Marie Gruber, memorializing

Long, Emily Paige, memorializing

Maricle, Russell C., Jr., memorializing

Masters, Johnny, memorializing

Maxberry, Charlesmarie McCann, memorializing

McCarthy, Jr., John T., memorializing

McDonald, Marilyn Lee, memorializing

McElroy, Major John Lee, memorializing

McGlothen, Charles C., memorializing

McMillan III, Specialist William L., memorializing

McMillan, Specialist William L., memorializing

Michael, Nicholas Gust "Nick," memorializing

Miller, Anna Lee, memorializing

Miller, Scott, memorializing

Moore, Cpl. Josh, adjourn in honor of

Moore, Jonathan "Spunky," memorializing

Morefield, Ione Hicks "Tootie," memorializing

Newkirk, Billy G., memorializing

Nickell, Robert "Bob," memorializing

Olmstead, Chuck, memorializing

Omnibus road naming resolution, additional roads

Overfield, Wanita Faith Grider, memorializing

Owens, Zelma, memorializing

Payne, Paula, memorializing

Peak, William S. "Buddy," memorializing

Pike County, Jasper Justice Memorial Bridge, designation of

Porter, James Lacy, memorializing

Priddy, Dorothy Jean "Dottie" memorializing

Priddy, Dottie, memorializing

Pulaski County Veterans Memorial Highway, establishment of in Pulaski county

Redman, Bobbie G., memorializing

Redmon, Truman Coyle, memorializing

Reilly Jr., Lance Corporal Thomas J., memorializing

Reilly, Lance Corporal Thomas, memorializing

Reynolds, Carl, R., memorializing

Reynolds, Carl R., memorializing

Robbins, Marjorie, Lee, memorializing

Roberts, Margie Lee Stewart, memorializing

Robinson, Donetta, memorializing

Robinson, Ryan Thomas, memorializing

Rose, Taylor Christian, memorializing

Rudd, Sergeant William Patrick, memorializing

Saltsman, Katherine "Granny," memorializing

Sandlin, Sergeant Willie, honoring

Savage, Denise M. Denham, memorializing

Scorsone, Dr. Francesco Giulio, memorializing

Slone, Verna Mae, memorializing

Smith, Andrew J. "Smitty," Sr., memorializing

Sousley, Franklin Runyon, memorializing

Specialist Jeremy R. Gullett Memorial Bridge, designate in Greenup County

Specialist Jeremy R. Gullett Memorial Bridge, name in Greenup County

Specialist Robert Jason Settle Memorial Highway, designate in Daviess County

Staff Sergeant Nicholas R. Carnes, designate road in honor of

Staggs, Ronald L., memorializing

Stamper, Georgia Mae Caskey, adjourn the Senate in her loving memory and honor

Stamper, Woodrow Leonard, adjourn Senate in honor of

Stinson, Dale Howard, memorializing

Stivers, Larry D., memorializing

Stivers, Phillip Rodney, memorializing

Stream, Sergeant Scott B., memorializing

Suell, Robert May "Bob", memorializing

Terhune, Captain Eric Daniel, memorializing

Timothy Hall Memorial Bridge, designate in Floyd County

Turner, Bryce C., memorializing

Turner, Sergeant Estell "Lee", memorializing

Turner, Sergeant Estell, Lee., memorializing

Tuskegee Airmen Memorial Trail, extend throughout all of I-75

Vanhoose, Lifes, memorializing

Waddell, Virginia Gail Porter, memorializing

Wade, Alice Frances, memorializing

Wallace, Sergeant Daniel W., memorializing

Wallace, Sergeant Daniel Wayne, memorializing

Ward, Sr., Sergeant Joshua A., memorializing

Ward Sr., Sergeant Joshua A., memorializing

Watts, Richard A. "Dick", memorializing

Wells, Brittney Shea, memorializing

Westwood, Chelsea Ryann, memorializing

Wiesbrook, Shawn, memorializing

Wylie, Charles Guthrie "Gus"

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